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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 6 Inch Deep Liner - Bulk Pack

model #: DL6BULK

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Placing under potted plants. Protect your floors and furniture from plant stains with this 6" clear potted plant liner. Great for indoor or outdoor use and ridged to keep plants from sitting in any excess water! read full product details »
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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 6 Inch Deep Liner - Bulk Pack


Water and dirt stains make even the most beautiful furniture look bad. 

Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 6 Inch Deep Liners help protect your floors, carpets, furniture and decks from water and dirt stains left by your potted plants. Placed under potted plants that sit in decorative pots and baskets, these clear deep plant liners are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Bulk pack contains 25 liners.


They are made of durable construction, and are ridged so they will not seal. Their channels keep the plants out of water, leading to healthier, better maintained plants. Available in a variety of sizes to meet your potted plant needs.


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