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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 17 Inch Vinyl Saucers - Bulk Pack

model #: BCOVS17

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Protecting carpets, floors and furniture from water stains. Keeps plant roots healthy. How many times have you picked up a potted plant only to find a ring on your furniture or flooring? We have the solution to this annoying problem! read full product details »
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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 17 Inch Vinyl Saucers-Bulk Pack - Specifications


• 17 inch vinyl saucers - pack of 15

 • Easily catch excess watering and keep your plants beautiful

 • Interior ridges keep plants out of water and keep plant roots healthy

 • Ridged bottom will not seal

 • Protects carpet, floors and furniture from water stains and rings

 • Clear color coordinates with all ceramic, clay, and plastic planters/pots

 • 100% recyclable plastic is waterproof and strong