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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 14" Plant Support - Bulk Pack


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Supporting smaller bushes and shrubs. This easy to use plant support has a locking ring making it perfect for protecting peonies and other small flowers and bushes from rain and wind. read full product details »
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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 14 Inch Plant Support - Bulk Pack


Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 14 Inch Plant Support- Bulk Pack is great for supporting smaller bushes and shrubs like peonies and roses. This plant support is 14 inches in diameter and 24 inches tall with a sturdy steel core, and powder coat paint for weather protection and resistance to rust. Green color means that the support will blend in, and let your plants be the centerpiece of your garden. It also features a locking ring which allows it to be used after the plant has already grown.



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