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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 12 Inch Cork Mat - Bulk Pack

model #: BCOCM12

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Coaster for plants. This versatile 12 inch cork mat can be used as a plant coaster or a place mat! It's so useful around the house! read full product details »
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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 12 Inch Cork Mat - Bulk Pack


This versatile 12 inch cork mat can be used as plant coasters or as place mats! So useful around the house!


Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 12 Inch Cork Mats prevent surface stains and scratches on your furniture, counters, and floors. These tough, durable cork mats have so many uses in your home.


They come in a wide range of sizes so they make great place mats and coasters. You are certain to find countless needs for these strong cork mats.


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12 inch cork mat
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