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Perky-Pet® Squirrel-Be-Gone® II Home Style Wild Bird Feeder

model #: B339

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Feeding birds. This squirrel proof feeder protects your seed from squirrels and nuisance birds. read full product details »
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Perky-Pet® Squirrel-Be-Gone® II Home Style Wild Bird Feeder


This innovative squirrel proof feeder keeps squirrels from raiding the bird seed. The home style appearance of this delightful feeder will attract birds - and birdwatchers, too!!


The Perky-Pet® Squirrel-Be-Gone® II wild bird feeder features a weight activated perch bar that closes to prevent squirrels from accessing the seed supply. Adjustable springs can be calibrated to accommodate different birds sizes and keep away nuisance birds as well as squirrels.


This Squirrel-Be-Gone® feeder comes in a classic home style design with all metal construction and a removable roof peak for easy filling.


If there are any bird enthusiasts or wildlife admirers in your life, this Squirrel-Be-Gone® feeder is the perfect gift!


Remember to clean your feeder once every two weeks with a mild soap and water solution.


Placing the Feeder Cleaning the Feeder Keeping Feeder Squirrel-Free



Perky-Pet® is the leading supplier of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet® feeders target both hobbyists and enthusiasts by providing quality, highly-functional products to specifically address the concerns of the consumer.



12 lb. seed capacity
2.5 lb. seed capacity