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Add an eye-catching, natural accent to your favorite outdoor living area with garden arbors from CobraCo®. The mesh style is not only sturdy and attractive, but is perfect for supporting climbing and vine-style plants. The sleek black finish and classic style of the garden arbor will seamlessly blend into the natural scenery of your garden or other outdoor space.

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Arbors & Gazebos, CobraCo® Garden Arbor Trellis, MAR-B
47 in L x 20 in W x 83 in H
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Unlimited Placement Options


Garden arbors are freestanding and can be placed virtually anywhere in your yard or garden. They can also serve a multitude of purposes, such as an entryway into gardens, pool areas, or yards. Create a lovely vignette by adding a garden bench beside your garden arbor giving you an ideal, shady spot to read a book while enjoying the sounds and sights of nature. Garden archways also create a perfect natural backdrop for outdoor wedding ceremonies.


Create Natural Landscape Structures


Not just for standalone use, garden arbors are also great for showcasing plants. Arbors can be adorned with climbing flowers or plants such as clematis, trumpet vines, climbing roses, or ivy to create an eye-catching natural structure. You can even mix and match your favorite plants for a unique and fragrant outdoor vignette. Flower-filled garden arbors look beautiful outside windows, by doorways, and outdoor near seating areas. Whether you want to add serenity to a Zen garden or a classical touch to a rose garden, the CobraCo® garden arbor complements any landscape motif.