Arches & Arbors from CobraCo®

Our beautiful, sturdy garden arbors can add a decorative, eye-catching accent to your favorite outdoor living area.  Check out our selection and plan your outdoor space today!

Garden Arbors
Garden arbors can be a stand-alone structure that can serve as an entryway into gardens, pool areas or yards. Create a lovely vignette by adding a garden bench beside your garden arbor giving you an ideal, shady spot to read a book while enjoying the sounds and sights of nature.  

Recommended Flowers to Adorn Garden Arbors

Garden arbors look gorgeous with climbing flowers or plants. Some excellent choices include clematis, honeysuckle, wisteria, climbing roses, trumpet vines, wisteria, grapes, ivy, kiwi and jasmine. Don’t limit yourself to just one climbing vine; combine your favorites for a unique and fragrant outdoor vignette. Ask the specialists at your favorite garden center which climbing plants grow best in your location. Flower-filled garden arbors look beautiful outside windows, by doorways and near seating areas. Whether you want to add serenity to a Zen garden or a classical touch to a rose garden, our garden arbor complements any landscape motif. Order yours today!
Positioning and Maintaining Your Garden Arbor
Be sure to position your garden arbor in a way that your plants will get plenty of sunlight. Be conscious of the plants surrounding your garden arbor; you don’t want to shade plants that need full sun. If you live in an area with strong winds, be sure to secure your garden arbor properly. When growing plants, be sure they are watered frequently since climbing plants dry out quickly. As climbing plants grow, you may have to train them to grow up and over your garden arbor. To do this, use twine to tie off stems, repositioning vines where you would like them to go.

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