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Spray Away™ Elite II – Motion Detector Sprinkler

model #: BC5269

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Repelling deer, dogs, raccoons, groundhogs, opossum, skunks, cats, rabbits, squirrels, geese, heron and more. Portable, solar-powered, and discreet, this motion-activated sprayer deters animals from your lawn and garden, chemical-free. read full product details »
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Havahart Spray Away® Elite II - Hose-Free Motion Activated Sprinkler



The Havahart Spray Away® Elite II Motion Activated Sprinkler provides an innovative way to repel unwanted animals. Hose-free and solar powered, the portable Elite is designed to protect any part of your yard—from ponds to gardens to mulch beds. This cutting-edge electronic repellent uses a blast of water to safely and effectively scare away intruders, keeping your yard clear of animal destruction.


This versatile motion detector sprinkler repels a wide range of animals, from deer to heron, to neighborhood cats. It even works at night, protecting your landscape from nocturnal species while you sleep.


The Elite II's robust design is more durable, and it's easier to use than ever before. Best of all, it now ships pre-charged for immediate use right out of the box.



How It Works

Spray Away Elite II uses infrared technology to detect an animal's heat and movement up to 35 feet away. When a critter is detected, the unit releases a sudden burst of water, along with startling noise and motion. This reaction frightens away virtually any animal and teaches them to stay out of your yard.


The Elite Motion Activated Sprinkler eliminates the need to continuously re-apply traditional chemical repellents. This economical solution makes your garden safe for children and pets, and easy to maintain. Environmentally friendly, Spray Away uses only 2-3 cups of water per activation to cover 1,900 square feet.



Hose-Free: Freedom to Place it Anywhere


The Elite features a 3.5 gallon refillable water basin, which eliminates the need to hook up a hose. This exclusive feature liberates you from fumbling with leaky connections or dragging unsightly hoses across your lawn.


The hose-free design provides the freedom to place your motion detector sprinkler anywhere, despite proximity to a water source. Since placement is no longer restricted to mulch or soil, you can easily protect area's you've never protected before (driveways, ponds, porches, etc.). Elite's durable basin can even be buried underground; sink the water basin into soil and allow Elite to seamlessly blend into your beautiful landscape.


Racoon and Bird



Solar-Powered: Eco-Friendly and Low-Maintenance

Spray Away Elite II is fueled by the sun's natural energy. Its discreet solar panel converts light energy into power, making it eco-friendly and efficient. Because there are no batteries to replace or wires to plug in, this unique feature conserves electricity as well as your time.


Spray Away Elite II comes pre-charged for use out of the box. While this pre-charge will accommodate about 10 activations (perfect for setup and testing), and optimum battery life will only be achieved by charging your unit in full sunlight for 3 days. A full solar charge provides enough power for over 30 activations!



Smart Warning System


Elite's Smart Warning System provides round-the-clock status, giving you peace of mind. LED indicator lights conveniently alert you when the solar panel needs more sunlight, or the water basin needs to be refilled. This motion activated sprinkler will let you know before resources run out, so you'll never run the risk of being unprotected—simply look out your window any time you need an update.


The Smart Warning System also allows alerts to movement, helping you test your coverage area and sensitivity before filling the water basin. As you step in front of the unit, both lights will illuminate to let you know it sees you. This way you can keep dry during setup.



Effective Control for Animals of Any Size



Adjustable sensitivity settings allow you to specifically target any size animal. Use the Spray Away Elite II motion detector sprinkler to repel:


  • Cats

  • Raccoons

  • Dogs

  • Birds

  • Opossum

  • Groundhogs

  • Deer

  • Rabbits

  • Skunks

  • And more!


Whether you use Spray Away as a deer repellent, cat repellent, or rabbit repellent, the versatile Elite will keep your landscape beautiful and critter-free.



Step-by-Step Guide



Satisfaction Guaranteed

As the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control, Havahart® is committed to making customer satisfaction our number one priority. Your Spray Away motion detector sprinkler is covered under a 2 year warranty. If for any reason you have any issues with your Spray Away during that time, please call us at (855) 542-8242 so we can assist you.



About Havahart®

For over 60 years, Havahart® has been the leading manufacturer of caring wildlife control products. Its selection offers a wide variety of wildlife control solutions, from live animal traps, to animal repellents and electronic repellents.



Protects up to 1,900 sq. ft.
32 oz. - 500 sq. ft.