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DeFence® Rabbit & DeerRepellent, Ready-To-Use Spray

model #: B5600

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Repelling rabbits and deer. Protect your flower garden and ornamentals from rabbit and deer damage. OMRI listed®, and proven effective. read full product details »
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DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repellent, 32 oz Ready-To-Use Spray


Having problems with rabbits or deer destroying your flowers and landscape plantings? Repel rabbits and deer with DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repellent by Havahart®. This amazing repellent has 3 times the power of other single-deterrents and lasts longer!  One application of this 32 oz bottle covers up to 500 square feet.


The formula of DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repellent by Havahart® contains the highest concentration of the scent deterrent putrescent egg on the market - 4.63%. Putrescent Egg Solids simulate the odor of decaying protein – signaling a predator is looming nearby. This rabbit and deer repellent effectively protects against and prevents rabbits and deer from eating your plants, bulbs, flowers, trees, ornamentals, seedlings, shrubs, and fruit & citrus trees.


The spray-on application is ideal for surface area protection, and it's ready to use, so there is no mixing required. Apply as directed when you notice rabbits and deer beginning to browse. Re-apply every three months or more frequently if deer and rabbit pressure is intense.

Since DeFence® Rabbit and Deer Repellent delivers more powerful protection than any other brand, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all DeFence® products!

Defend your turf and stop rabbits and deer from ruining your lawn, garden and landscaping with DeFence® Rabbit and Deer Repellent from Havahart®, the #1 selling brand in nuisance animal control.


3X More Powerful and Effective Than Other Brands

DeFence® Rabbit and Deer Repellent contains the highest concentration of the scent deterrent Putrescent Egg on the market - 4.63%.  This scent effectively mimics the smell of a dead animal, alerting the rabbit or deer that a predator may be nearby, which in turn, triggers the flight response and causes them to immediately leave the area.  While the scent of DeFence® is powerful enough to drive these nuisance animals away and keep them away, it dries completely odorless to humans.

3X More Repelling Power Deterrent

DeFence® delivers 3X more protective power than the leading competitors.
DeFence® drives rabbits and deer away by targeting their keen sense of smell.


Long-lasting Protection – Up to 3 Months


DeFence® Rabbit and Deer Repellent effectively drives these destructive pests away and keeps them away longer than any other repellent on the market. One application of this rain-resistant formula goes to work immediately and provides ongoing protection for up to 3 months. Just re-spray as needed for year-round protection.



Satisfaction Guaranteed

As the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control, Havahart® is committed to making your satisfaction our number one priority. We’re so confident that you’ll be happy with the protection that DeFence® Rabbit & Deer Repellent delivers; we’re offering a 100% guarantee. That’s right.  If you’re not completely satisfied with your DeFence® purchase, we’ll buy the product back for the suggested retail price or replace the product for free.



defence rabbit repellantDefending your turf just got a lot easier!
DeFence® by Havahart® rabbit repellent is OMRI® listed organic and compliant for use in organic gardening. Plus, SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!


DeFence® Rabbit Repellent from Havahart® – the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control.