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Helpful Tips for Growing Tomatoes





Healthy and Delicious and Easy to Grow!


Whether your gardening skills are novice or seasoned, growing your own tomatoes is easy to do and will provide you with a bountiful harvest throughout the summer. With the Tomato Plantingincreasing price of food, having produce available in your own backyard can help you save money!


Strong roots help grow strong tomato plants, so when planting your seeds be sure to place them deep in the soil. If you’re using plants, and not seeds, you can cover the roots deep in the soil. Extra roots will help the plant grow quickly.


It is important to remember that tomato plants are vines and are unable to support themselves upright when they grow. To remedy this growth problem, use plant supports to help them grow vertically rather than horizontally. As they grow, the plants will get tall and heavy, so make sure your support systems are strong and sturdy. Affix the support system bases when planting so as not to damage roots. You can also invest in flexible support systems that you build up as the plant grows taller. Tomato plant heights range from about three feet to ten feet, so planting them in a space that will support growth is key.


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When watering your plant, make sure it gets a steady flow of water at its base. Unnecessary water on leaves isn’t recommended. Obviously you can’t deter them from getting wet when it rains, but you should avoid doing so when you’re watering.


There are two types of tomato plants you should become familiar with: determinate and indeterminate tomatoes. Determinate tomatoes mature and ripen their fruit in a short time. They are great for making sauce and for those who want to can their harvest because they produce a large, one-time yield. The most common determinate tomatoes are Celebrity and Rutgers varieties.


On the other hand, indeterminate tomatoes grow their fruit continuously throughout the season. They can grow up to ten feet tall and need support systems to encourage their growth, as well as regular pruning. Remove leaves from the bottom one foot of the plant once the plant grows above three feet tall. Popular indeterminate varieties include Beefsteak, Big Boy, Brandywine and most kinds of cherry tomatoes.


For the most tasty and flavorful tomatoes, let them ripen fully on the vine before removing, if possible. Pick your tomatoes from top of the plant to the bottom. You’ll be able to enjoy a low cost high yield harvest of tomatoes this season when you grow your own. Additionally, nothing beats being able to walk out your door and hand pick your own fresh-from-the-vine tomatoes!


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