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Pointsettia (Euphoribia pulcherrima)



One of the most popular plants for the holiday season, the Pointsettia is widely available, and very commonly used for holiday decorating. The poinsettia is know for its bright red flower-like leaves, which are called "brachts." While being famous for the bright red color, Poinsettias are also available in a variety of colors, ranging from peach to blue to white, however the red color is still the most popular.Pointsettia


The poinsettia, while being a hallmark of winter holiday decorating, actually prefers warmer weather, and should not be stored closely to areas where there could be cold drafts, such as doors or windows. This plant also requires well-drained soil, and can be very sensitive to over-watering. Keep the plant in a container with drain holes at the bottom with a vinyl saucer underneath to allow proper drainage. 


Getting the pointsettia to "bloom" requires storing the plant in total darkness for about 15 hours a day for a few weeks. After storing them in the darkness color should start to appear on the brachs, but it can be a very difficult process.


Poinsettias are a beautiful addition to holiday decorating, and with a little specific care can last year-round. Try some of the different colors to add some variety to your decorating.

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