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Paperwhite (Narcissus papyraceus)



The Paperwhite (Narcissus papyraceus) is one of the most common bulbs used for indoor planting. Related to the daffodil, this non-hardy perennial from the Mediterranean blooms with wonderfully fragrant, white flowers. The Paperwhite can reach up to 15" tall,


and grows very rapidly, so you will need to take care to keep rotating your pot so that the plant grows straight and evenly. Once the plant starts to bloom, move it away from direct sunlight to maximize the plants flowering time.


Paperwhites should be planted in lose, dry soil, or they can be planted in just water, with loose stones or marbles in the bottom to allow the roots to give the plant some stability. Cover the bulb with just enough media (stones or soil) to reach the top of the bulb.


"Forcing," or keeping your Paperwhite bulbs cool to start their growth period is not neccesary if they are being grown indoors, and these plants will typically grow as soon as they are planted. However, once they bloom in winter they will not bloom again, and can be discarded or planted outside if you live in a warmer climate.


The Paperwhite is a beautifully fragrant flower that is perfect for brightening up the inside of your home during the winter season.


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