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Butterfly Bush (Buddleja)



The Butterfly Bush (Buddleja) consists of about 100 species, which are mostly shrubs and some trees. The tallest reaches about 98 feet!

butterfly bushThey are available in a variety of colors from red, pink and purple, to white, orange and yellow. Many of the species are typically used in gardens and attract butterflies, hence the name, Butterfly Bush. This specie of plant also attracts bees and moths – even some hummingbirds because of their rich nectar stock.

Butterfly Bushes are a good choice if you have a large area to cover, are in need of a bit of privacy or for adding color and attracting some beautiful creatures.

They are pretty easy to take care of and only require a weekly watering (sometimes less) once they have been established. Although for some who do not care for pruning might need to consider the rate at which these plants grow. The nice thing about the Butterly Bush is that it is a hearty plant, so if you would cut too much or make a mistake – it is very resilient!

Ask your local nursery or home improvement store their recommendations on the best variety for your specific zone.

Happy Gardening!.    


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