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Butterfly Bush (Buddleja)



Whether you prefer showy spring-time flowers, or lush green foliage as a space-filler in your garden, the Azalea is an excellent all-season shrub. Closely related to the Rhododendron, these showing little shrubs are at home in a variety of climates, and can live a very long time when proper taken care of.


          AzaleaWhile Azaleas typically prefer mild, humid climates, varieties have been developed that have expanded their hardiness range significantly. Azaleas also prefer partial shade, since they are typically found in the wild as an understory plant in forests. However, varieties have been developed that can survive in full-sun. Plants grown in shade will get larger, but feature less blooms, while plants in the sun will remain compact with more flowers. Moist, but well-drained soil is also a must to get the most out of your Azaleas.


             Azaleas feature showy flowers that typically bloom in mid-spring depending on the variety and your geographic location. Colors typically range from pink to dark purple, with a wide range of flower shape and patterns available.  Azaleas also have lush green foliage that typically lasts late into the fall, and even lasts year-round with certain “evergreen” varieties. This makes the Azalea and excellent space-filler, especially in shady areas where many other shrubs couldn’t’ survive.


With the showy flowers and beautiful green foliage, Azaleas provide an excellent base for building a garden around. And with a little set-up work, and a good location, Azaleas are an excellent low-care asset for your garden that will last for a long-time.



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