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Vertical Planting Design




When many people hear the word “gardening,” they probably summon a vision of a landscaped yard, a large lot filled with blooms, foliage or even vegetables, or maybe an English cottage surrounded by flowers. Most folks think about things growing “out,”  not “up.”

If you have a deck, patio, porch or even just a balcony, it may be time to think about vertical planting. You can design a secluded place to relax, or block out an unwanted object with some screening between you and the rest of the world. Add height to your gardening efforts using vertical planting design to help you achieve that goal.
Vertical planting system
An ideal way to grow “up” is a modular vertical planting system that utilizes a framery system accommodating stacking planter boxes for flowers and foliage. These versatile modular  units come in varying heights and widths and can be configured to create screens of living plants to add privacy to decks, patios and even to apartment and condo balconies. Whether on a spacious deck or a small balcony, a vertical planting system adds the life and color of plants to your living space without taking up floor space.

Another aspect of growing ”up” is climbing plants which can serve a variety of uses. Use climbing plants with trellises, arbors, obelisks and other supports to create privacy screens and block unwanted and unsightly views. Climbing plants grow quickly so they offer an almost instant solution depending on your need and your desired effect.

Climbing plants add character and soften the appearance of your home and garden while creating a beautiful and unique touch that’s all your own. Plant shrubs and flowers at the base to extend screening space from side-to-side. Well-anchored, sturdy metal stand-alone trellises, arbors and obelisks are recommended to support the weight of the plants.

So when you’re thinking about gardening, it’s time to think “up,” not “out.” Use your imagination and consider some unconventional decor items like architectural design structures and vertical planters to enhance your landscape, add some privacy, or just provide your living space with a unique look.


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