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Seed StartingSeed starting

Seeds are nature’s way of reproducing plant life. But we can also grow plants deliberately from garden seeds ourselves, either directly in the ground, or in containers where we tend the growing seedlings until they are strong enough for us to plant them out. Most of us plant garden seeds that are produced commercially.






The Ideal Time to Plant Seeds


plant seeds - when

While we normally consider spring to be the best time to plant seeds, if you study the instructions on seed packets, you will see that you can plant seeds of some species throughout the year, although not normally outdoors during winter, and certainly not in snow and frost conditions. However, if you plan on planting seeds indoors, this would allow you a much greater timeline.


What is most important when you plant seeds is to be sure that you know what elements are required for germination. Obviously, water is one factor that is essential, but too much water will prevent air from getting to the newly germinated seed and it will not grow.


Also take into account what types of planters you are using to plant seeds. If you’re using coco-liners you will need to water more frequently than other types of liners or containers.


plant seeds - when

Another factor to consider when you plant seeds is that they will also need sufficient sunlight to continue growing after germination. So, take good care of your plant seeds to ensure their sprouting.


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