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Growing HerbsGrowing Herbs

Whether you have an indoor herb garden, or grown one in a container on the patio or in a lavish herb garden, growing herbs is a past-time that brings great pleasure and satisfaction. An indoor herb garden in particular can provide you with a constant in-home source of popular herbs for color, cooking and aroma.






A Guide to Growing Herbs


growing herbsIf you’ve never been introduced to the world of growing herbs, you may be amazed to discover that most herbs are tougher and a lot more resistant than other garden and house plants.


Surprisingly, growing herbs in poor soil will survive with little attention, because many are untamed wild plants in their native habitat.


The challenge of growing herbs is to get the most out of them. So before you start growing herbs, decide what you want out of them – flavoring for food, to keep pests away, or for pleasant aromas to fill the home.


Growing HerbsGrowing herbs isn’t difficult, even for the amateur gardener. When growing herbs, you can start with seed or small plants, in the ground, or indoors in containers such as flower boxes. Taking cuttings is another good way to start growing herbs. You will learn when you start growing herbs cuttings are best taken in late spring and summer.


Cuttings are pieces of the herb that you use to begin growing another plant. For your cuttings to be successful when growing herbs, cut just below the node (part of the plant where the stem grows out of) so you have a 3-5” cut.


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