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Growing Fruits & VegetablesGrowing Fruits and Vegetables

Growing your own fruits and vegetables at home can be immensely rewarding. It enables you to provide healthy, homegrown food for the table, and an interesting vegetable garden design as a decorative element to your yard.



Expert Tips


Expert Vegetable Garden Tips

vegetable garden tips

  1. Vegetable garden tips range from how to plant veggies, to what to plant. Your choice of what to plant will depend on whether you plant your vegetables in-ground soil, or in planter containers.


  2. If using planter containers for your garden some proper vegetable garden tips are to ensure the container has good drainage and be certain the container size is suitable for your plant type.


  3. Vegetable garden tips for container colors: darker containers need more watering because dark colors absorb more heat. If you use a dark container, position it in a semi-shaded area.


  4. Good vegetable garden tips to follow include companion planting. Companion planting is recommended in all veggie gardens.


    vegetable garden tips

  5. Soil and fertilizer vegetable garden tips to keep in mind – synthetic mixes are ideal, but peat-based are the best. Mix one part compost to two parts plant mix to improve fertility.


  6. Vegetable garden tips for watering include container gardening always requires more watering. The frequency will continue as your plants mature. Be sure to check your containers daily.


  7. Vegetable garden tips for sunlight: Most vegetables need at least 6 hours of sunlight daily – this is easily estimated so be sure to test the area before planting.


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