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Growing Fruits & Vegetables

Growing your own fruits and vegetables at home can be immensely rewarding.


It enables you to provide healthy, homegrown food for the table, and an interesting vegetable garden design as a decorative element to your yard.




Deciding on a Vegetable Garden Design


vegetable garden design

When discussing vegetable garden design we normally think about the way herbs and vegetables are arranged. One vegetable garden design may be formal, with plants neatly arranged in rows, while another vegetable garden design will be decidedly informal


A popular informal vegetable garden design follows the way of the early English cottagers who planted colorful flowers amongst fruit, vegetables and herbs.



Another traditional, but formal vegetable garden design follows the ornamental approach of the classic French potagers, where decorative vegetables were arranged in attractive patterns in formal beds hedged by fruit trees.


But vegetable garden design isn’t only about how to grow plants.  Vegetable garden design is also about what to grow.


vegetable garden design

Many choose tomatoes to begin growing in their vegetable garden design. Make sure to stake your tomatoes properly – staking is imperative to your success. Also, vegetable garden design is easy when you have a plant staking system to manage vining or unruly plants.


The cook’s garden is a splendid mix of herbs, vegetables and fruits that can be harvested. Some people choose to include only what they need in their vegetable garden design, while others are willing to grow anything and everything they might want to sample or share. It’s for you to decide, but a successful vegetable garden design will both look good and yield fruits, vegetables and herbs that you can eat and enjoy.


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