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Growing FlowersGrowing Flowers

Any gardener will know the great pleasure that growing flowers brings, and there’s no skill involved in planting outdoor flowers. All it takes is common sense and some basic knowledge of the needs of your plants in terms of soil, water, sunlight, position and food.






Planting Flowers for Garden Decor


When it comes to planting flowers for garden decoration, we normally turn to colorful annuals and biennials, because planting flowers of this type is almost instant.


planting flowers

Planning a garden for planting flowers can be a lot of fun. You can mix annuals in with flowering shrubs and perennials, as well as with bushes and trees. But when planting flowers, you do need to be sure your soil is suitable. If it isn’t good quality, you may need to aerate the soil and add compost and fertilizers before planting flowers. If the soil has lots of clay, also be sure to add a lot of organic matter before planting flowers.


You may decide planting flowers in containers, or a mix of both methods better suits you. Use floor planters, basket stands, flower boxes, and hanging baskets.planting flowers


For flowers to make an impression in the garden, they can be used as an accent, or mixed together to add splashes of color or to form floral patchwork patterns. Before you start planting flowers, decide what effect you wish to create. Remember color themes can be extremely effective.


When planting flowers it is usually best to plant large plants at the back of beds, with low-growing and creeping plants at the front. Also think about planting flowers with heady scent near to doors and windows.


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