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Growing FlowersGrowing Flowers

Any gardener will know the great pleasure that growing flowers brings, and there’s no skill involved in planting outdoor flowers. All it takes is common sense and some basic knowledge of the needs of your plants in terms of soil, water, sunlight, position and food.






Growing Flowers from Seeds

growing flowers from seeds


Growing flowers from seeds is the easiest and least expensive way to grow flowers and many other plants. But growing flowers from seeds can be very frustrating if you don’t follow the instructions properly. For example, you need to plant at the right time, in the right position, at the right depth, in the right type of soil, and give sufficient water for the plant you are growing.


When growing flowers from seeds you will find that some seeds can be scattered haphazardly, while others need to be sown in tilled rows. When growing flowers from seeds you will also find that some seeds are quite large, while others are minute and difficult to sow thinly.


If you plan on growing flowers from seeds in planters or containers, make sure your seed choices will adapt successfully to this method before planting.

growing flowers from seeds


If you are growing flowers from seeds, read the instructions on the seed-packet carefully, and follow them. When growing flowers from seeds they will germinate within two to four weeks and you may then need to thin the seedlings. Unfortunately it’s usually difficult to transplant seedlings you thin out when growing flowers from seeds. So discard them


Growing flowers from seeds can be incredibly rewarding as you watch the seeds grow into gorgeous plants with flowers. So why not try growing flowers from seeds?


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