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Container GardeningContainer Gardening

Container gardens add life and color to decks, porches, patios and dull corners in the yard. You can use container gardens for shrubs and flowers, and also for herbs, vegetables and small fruit trees. There are so many different types of planters and flower boxes; you can create container gardens in a myriad of styles.






The Best Time for Container Planting


Generally the best time to plant anything is early spring, and container planting is no exception. This is also the best time to repot plants that have become root bound because of container planting.


container planting - when to plantHowever, spring isn’t the only time for container planting. Many seeds may be sown from spring until late summer, and herbs are perfect for container planting in winter and colder months.


Since container planting is versatile, you can move the containers indoors and germinate seeds and cultivate seedlings in any season using grow lights, or a room with plenty of sunlight.


Remember when container planting to utilize coco-lined varieties of plant stands, hanging baskets, and floor planters for an organic look.


Container planting of bulbs can be particularly rewarding and if planted in pots indoors in late winter, will produce a colorful spring display.


Container planting has other benefits too, in particular enabling you to mix plants thcontainer planting - when to plantat like different soil types and have different water needs, in containers adjacent to one another.


Container planting may also be used to introduce style, with coco-lined stake planters or traditional metal plant stands. Better still, container planting is the easiest way to reinforce a color scheme, or simply add color to a patio or deck.


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