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Container GardeningContainer Gardening

Container gardens add life and color to decks, porches, patios and dull corners in the yard. You can use container gardens for shrubs and flowers, and also for herbs, vegetables and small fruit trees. There are so many different types of planters and flower boxes; you can create container gardens in a myriad of styles.






Plant Care for Container Gardens


There are so many different plants and flowers you can grow in containers, and plant care procedures are equally varied. Here are some tips relating to a range of popular plants to help you with your container gardening plant care.


  1. Aloes like full sun and plant care is required mostly in summer when they should be fed occasionally and watered twice weekly. Water sparingly in winter.

    plant care - petunias


  2. Petunias are popular low-lying annuals that bloom all summer. Plant care is minimal, but they do grow best in full sunlight.


  3. Take into consideration the type of plant container you are using when practicing plant care.


  4. Plant care for biodegradable coco-lined planters will need to be watered more often depending on the amount of sun exposure.


  5. Asparagus plants, often incorrectly called ferns, like good light but not direct sun. Plant care includes occasional misting with water and feeding from spring to early autumn.

    plant care


  6. Begonias, grown for their mass of tiny flowers, like good light and prefer high humidity. Plant care includes frequent watering when they are in flower.


  7. Capsicum annum, grown for its colorful fruits, needs its leaves misted often. Plant care includes frequent watering.


  8. Chrysanthemums flower all year round and they are undemanding in terms of plant care. Keep the soil moist at all times.


  9. Fuchsias make lovely patio and deck plants although they should not stand in direct sunlight. They like humidity, so plant care includes misting leaves. Prune heavily in early spring.


  10. Hyacinthus is a bulbous plant grown for winter flowers. It is a short-term houseplant and needs little plant care.

    plant care - impatiens


  11. Impatiens needs good indirect light and loads of water. Plant care includes regular cutting back.


  12. Yucca species need light and will tolerate dry air. Plant care is limited to watering and feeding.


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