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Decorating Your YardDecorating Your Yard

If your front yard landscaping is dull and uninspiring, now is the time to consider the possibilities that front yard landscaping offers. However, keep in mind front yard landscaping does not only relate to shrubs, trees and flowers. It also encompasses hardscape structures and ornamentation.






Yard and Garden Decor FAQs


Q:  Is it important to establish an identifiable style in your front yard?


A:  Following a style for yard and garden décor does help to make a garden design come together. Look for yard and garden décor style collections.

yard and garden decor - front yard


You could also follow a theme, like color, or simply stick to either a formal or informal landscaping approach in your yard and garden decor.





Q:  Is garden lighting considered part of yard and garden décor?


A:  Garden lighting can be immensely decorative as well as practical for yard and garden décor. Fire pits can also add natural light to yard and garden décor.




yard and garden decor - hose holders

Q:  What sort of ornaments should I use to improve
      my yard and garden décor?


A: Ornaments like decorative hose holders, obelisks, trellises, and stake planters are probably the most appropriate items for yard and garden décor.




Q:  What is a good way to incorporate privacy into yard and garden décor
      for small spaces?


A:  A flowering privacy screen is perfect for small spaces, because it has a small footprint and adds height and privacy in an attractive way.




yard and garden decor - hanging baskets

Q:  I like the idea of using hanging baskets and
     other planters in my front yard.  Is this


A: All types of planters can be used very successfully in both back and front yards. In fact yard and garden décor depends to a large extent on the inclusion of planters.



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