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Decorating Your Vegetable GardenDecorating Your Vegetable Garden

The idea of creating a container vegetable garden is one that will appeal to anyone who has limited space in their yard, or does not want to hassle with traditional gardening. But a container vegetable garden does not only belong in small spaces. A container vegetable garden can be a decorative addition to any patio or backyard.






Vegetable Gardens FAQs


Q:  I am looking for some useful vegetable garden tips; do you have any


A:  Seed producers often include very interesting and useful vegetable garden tips on their packaging.




vegetable garden tips

Q:  I read some vegetable garden tips that say
     some plants grow best alongside others - Is
     this true?


A:  Yes, this is known as companion planting. Vegetable garden tips show that some herbs, like basil deter insect pests. Growing basil next to tomatoes would make a perfect match!




Q:  Do you have any other vegetable garden tips about companion


A:  Cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli will be protected from the notorious cabbage moth if you plant sage or rosemary nearby. Keep in mind these are excellent vegetable garden tips when planning your garden.



vegetable garden tips

Q:  Do you have vegetable garden tips in regards
     to what types of vegetables are easy to grow?


A:  Yes! Cucumbers, green beans, peas, lettuce, and tomatoes.




Q:  Are there vegetable garden tips pertaining to what accessories I may
     need when planting?


A: Garden twine, training wire, vine supports, and t-labels are recommended.




Q:  Do you have any vegetable garden tips for those with hard soil?


A:  Yes. Use step anchors for effortless installation of stakes.


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