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Decorating Your Vegetable GardenDecorating Your Vegetable Garden

The idea of creating a container vegetable garden is one that will appeal to anyone who has limited space in their yard, or does not want to hassle with traditional gardening. But a container vegetable garden does not only belong in small spaces. A container vegetable garden can be a decorative addition to any patio or backyard.




Expert Tips


Tips for Planting Tomatoes


Tomatoes are easy to grow, and with minimal effort you can produce a plentiful summer crop for the table. So here are some expert tips for planting tomatoes:

planting tomatoes


  1. When planting tomatoes, remember that they need plenty of well-drained soil.


  2. Build your tomato cage around young plants or stake it early when planting tomatoes so as not to disturb the roots.


  3. You will find it best when planting tomatoes, to ensure the soil has plenty of compost and manure dug into it. You can also use a chemical or organic fertilizer to improve soil quality.


  4. Although it is generally best to find a sunny position when planting tomatoes, they do benefit from some shade in the afternoon.


  5. If you are planting tomatoes from seed, use seed trays and transplant seedlings when they are about six weeks old.


    planting tomatoes

  6. For variety, mix a few different types in one bed or container when planting tomatoes.


  7. Discard weak and undeveloped seedlings when planting tomatoes.


  8. Remember to use a heavy duty stakes or sturdy tomato cages when planting tomatoes in containers, or in the ground.


  9. When planting tomatoes in a vegetable garden, you can stop them from spreading by staking them properly to grow upwards, rather than outwards. Also remember when planting tomatoes to use soft garden twine or plastic ties to secure the plant to the stakes.


  10. After planting tomatoes, allow the fruit to fully ripen on the plant – these are the tastiest tomatoes you can get.


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