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Decorating Your Vegetable GardenDecorating Your Vegetable Garden

The idea of creating a container vegetable garden is one that will appeal to anyone who has limited space in their yard, or does not want to hassle with traditional gardening. But a container vegetable garden does not only belong in small spaces. A container vegetable garden can be a decorative addition to any patio or backyard.





How to Create a Container Vegetable Garden


container vegetable garden - vegetables

Many vegetables and herbs thrive in planters and other gardening containers such as hanging baskets, flower boxes, floor planters, and basket stands, so creating a container vegetable garden can be very rewarding. And it doesn’t take much effort. A container vegetable garden is also a great way to spend less at the grocery store.


You can plant individual species in each planter or mix several herbs and vegetables together to create a container vegetable garden creating a stunning visual display of color. Just be sure to choose a container that is large enough to accommodate the mass of roots that will fill the container when the plants are fully mature.


container vegetable garden - tomatoesThe best vegetables for a container vegetable garden are those that grow above the soil – not root vegetables. Tomatoes, in particular the mini varieties, do particular well in a container vegetable garden. Chilies and peppers, and even decorative lettuce and cabbage plants will add a decorative character to a container vegetable garden.


Planters and containers lined with biodegradable coco fiber make an excellent home for a container vegetable garden because of its ability to absorb water efficiently.


So, be green and economical by trying your hand at growing a container vegetable garden.


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