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Decorating Your Urban Spaces

Decorating Your Urban Spaces

Decorating small spaces outdoors or indoors can be quite a challenge. But with careful thought and planning, your small spaces can come alive with plants, flowers and decorative accents you choose to display them in. You can also introduce water features, bird feeders, and specialty planters.




Expert Tips


Small Space Simple Design Tips

small space simple design - horse trough wall planter


Small gardens and small spaces within gardens can have a huge impact. Making the most of small spaces depends partly on design and partly on planting. Here are some small space simple design tips.


  1. When tackling small space simple design, choose one style and stick to it.


  2. The first step in small space simple design is to identify your requirements or needs for your small space. Use a checklist to identify yours.


  3. Small space simple design may utilize various shape patterns such as circular, diagonal or rectangular. Don’t mix these.


  4. Remember that color themes work particularly well in small spaces.


  5. Use graph paper to create a basic dimensional overview of your small space simple design. Once your dimensions are measured – draw in the layout of your decorative elements.

    small space simple design - trellises


  6. Small space simple design should be just this simple. Don’t try to introduce too many plants or accents into small spaces – you don’t want to overcrowd things.


  7. Add height to your small space simple design with gazebos, simple pergolas, or trellises.


  8. Consider adding container gardens in your small space simple design.


  9. Introduce water to your small space simple design to add a sense of excitement and movement.


  10. Flower boxes can also be a nice addition to your small space simple design.

    small space simple design - hose holders


  11. House an unruly garden hose in a decorative hose holder to keep your small space simple design organized.



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