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Decorating Your PorchDecorating Your Porch

If you are lucky enough to have a porch where you can relax out of the sun and out of the rain, then you should consider giving it a fresh new look. Decorating your porch is not difficult, and one of the best ways to do it is to introduce hanging garden baskets filled with attractive flowering plants.





How to Decorate your Porch with Hanging Garden Baskets


Hanging garden baskets that have been imaginatively planted with a collection of flowers and trailing plants can have a magical effect on any porch. You can suspend hanging garden baskets on various

Decorating Your Porch with hanging garden baskets

porch structures using hooks or brackets. Either way, hanging garden baskets will add color, pattern and possibly even a pleasant aroma to the area.


There are a variety of liners that you can use to create hanging garden baskets. Most liners used in hanging garden baskets are made of either biodegradable coco fiber or plastic.


The secret of success with hanging garden baskets, especially when you decorate a porch, is that they need to be properly planted. You will also need to be sure to maintain your hanging garden baskets to make sure that the plants get sufficient light and water. If using biodegradable coco liners in your hanging garden baskets, it is critical that you pay close attention to the moisture levels – hanging garden baskets especially.


Decorating Your Porch with more hanging garden basketsIf your hanging garden baskets are made of wire you will need a planter liner to prevent the soil from spilling out of your hanging garden baskets. However, hanging garden baskets lined with coco look particularly attractive. Whatever type of hanging garden baskets you are using, start with a good quality potting soil and plant them with well-established seedlings, or more mature plants.


Plants that do look particularly attractive in hanging garden baskets include impatiens, which thrives in the shade, petunias and lobelias, or plant deep green ferns and hardy geraniums.

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