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Decorating Your PatioDecorating Your Patio

There are so many different patio designs that we can use to improve our outdoor living, it is often difficult to know where to start. Two important aspects you need to consider in your patio designs are function and décor. These relate to what you will use your patio for and what it will look like.






Decorating Your Patio - plant stands outdoors

Patio Decorating FAQs


Q:  What is the best material to use for plant
      stands outdoors?


A:  Mild steel is ideal for plant stands outdoors because it can be galvanized or treated to make it totally weatherproof.




Q:  What sort of plants should I display on plant stands outdoors?


A:  When selected plants and flowers for plant stands outdoors, be guided by the amount of sun, wind and rain your patio is subject to. Cacti, aloes and other succulents do well in sunny positions. Ferns and flowers like impatiens will thrive in shady conditions in plant stands outdoors.




Q:  How often should I water my plant stands outdoors?


Decorating Your Patio - plant stands outdoors

A:  Again, it depends on the type of plants you are growing and how much sunshine they get. Feel the soil to see how dry it is. If you are using something other than a solid pot for your plant stands outdoors, it also depends on what type of liner you choose. If you are using biodegradable coco liners – these need to be watered more often.




Q:  How can I use plant stands outdoors to decorate my indoor/outdoor


 A:  First of all choose a plant stand that suits the style of your patio, and then choose containers and plants that fit the genre. If you want to add color to the theme, this is a perfect vehicle to do so, especially with plant stands outdoors.




Q:  Apart from the patio, where else could I use plant stands outdoors?


A: You could use plant stands outdoors on your deck, on your porch or even in the garden itself. But preferably only in places where there is a solid surface to place them on.


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