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Decorating Your Patio

There are so many different patio designs that we can use to improve our outdoor living, it is often difficult to know where to start.


Two important aspects you need to consider in your patio designs are function and décor. These relate to what you will use your patio for and what it will look like.




How to Decorate Your Patio

patio designs


The wide variety of patio designs available, allows us to extend our homes into outdoor areas. Patio designs range from those that simply enlarge the living area of the house with a simple concrete slab, tile, or stone veneer to patio designs that are established in the garden using real stone or brick.  When it comes to decorating your patio, you will need to consider the different patio designs before you start to think about the enhancements.


Some patio designs incorporate a pergola or arbor overhead, which you can use to hang biodegradable coco lined planters. Other patio designs incorporate walls that you can use to mount flower boxes. All patio designs create the opportunity to group basket stands, plant stands, and floor planters together and introduce container gardening. Patio designs that include container gardening are great for small spaces.


While all patio designs feature solid flooring of some kind, only sDecorating Your Patio - patio designsome patio designs are really well suited to al fresco eating and entertaining. If these patio designs don’t have some sort of screening it is often a good idea to plant a hedge of some sort alongside it or place some type of flat or folding screen around the area to create an element of privacy in your patio designs. Another option for your patio design is to attach flower or plant containers to a privacy screen adding a flare of color and a bit of atmosphere.


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