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Decorating Your DeckDecorating Your Deck

A deck is a great way to add outdoor living space to your house, and with a little thought and imagination you can make it beautifully stylish. Add a deck railing around the edges and consider unique seating.  Then incorporate flower boxes to add interest and introduce color.




Expert Tips


Deck Railing Tips

Deck railing - Decorating Your Deck with deck railing  planters


The type of deck railing you include in your deck designs can have a huge effect on the style and decor of the deck. Even though deck railing is included primarily for safety reasons, it is essential to give careful consideration to the deck railing you choose. Here are expert tips that will help you with your own deck railing design and decor.


  1. There are various types of deck railing including those that have top caps, those built with bollards and ropes, and even those that have steel cable rails so that they don’t get in the way of the view. Choose a deck railing that is in keeping with the style of your house and garden.


  2. Keep in mind how you’d like to decorate your deck railings.


  3. Flower boxes lined with biodegradable coco that can either be hung over the railing or on top, are a perfect way to add life to deck railings.


  4. Flower box holders can also be used to add style to deck railings.


  5. Multi-purpose planters are another option for adding color and personality to deck railings.


    Deck railing - Decorating Your Deck with a multipurpose planter.

  6. Use the same wood for your deck railing as you used for the deck itself and any steps that might lead to the deck. Also finish the deck railing wood in the same way, with the same type of sealant.


  7.  If you are building your own deck, use a hand-held router to bevel the edges of the deck railing and capping to create a more professional finish.


  8. The simplest deck railing consists of a series of posts attached to the side of the deck. But you can easily create a deck railing with a crisscross effect by positioning wood posts diagonally with a lap joint in the middle. Just cut a block out of each post, halfway down and slot them together. A low level deck doesn’t need deck railing at all.


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