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Eco FunEco Fun

If you’re committed to saving the environment – then why not have some eco fun in your own backyard?  Saving the environment activities might range from planting trees, growing your own vegetables and using biodegradable gardening products like coco-liners to recycling your water and waste.






Environmentally Friendly FAQs


Q:  How can we make sure our gardens are environmentally friendly?


A:  The best way is to plant indigenous species and not to use unnecessary pesticides or herbicides – utilize fence borders as well to keep out pests.



environmentally friendly


Q:  How can I have an environmentally friendly
     garden that attracts birds and other


A:  Invest in some good quality bird feeders and accessories.




Q:  Is there really such a thing as environmentally friendly planters?


A:  Yes, especially ones lined with biodegradable coco.




Q:  I’m starting a vegetable garden to become more environmentally
      friendly – what plants should I begin with?

environmentally friendly


A:  Tomato plants are easy to grow – just make sure you have a solid staking system in place. Bamboo stakes used for vine-type plants are also environmentally friendly.




Q:  What environmentally friendly plant accessories are available?


A:  Cork is biodegradable and comes from the bark of the evergreen oak tree – use cork mats under potted plants to prevent water damage to surfaces.



environmentally friendly


Q:  I’m sick and tired of the deer that come into my garden
     but want to be environmentally friendly. Have you got
     any ideas?


A:  There’s a great electronic deer repellent on the market that renders a harmless shock.




Q:  Are there environmentally friendly solar powered electric fences?


A:  Indeed there are. Have a look at Havahart® electric fence kits.




Q:  Moles are a big problem. How can I be environmentally friendly
      towards these critters?


A:  There are quite a few environmentally friendly mole repellents you can try.



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