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Eco FunEco Fun

If you’re committed to saving the environment – then why not have some eco fun in your own backyard?  Saving the environment activities might range from planting trees, growing your own vegetables and using biodegradable gardening products like coco-liners to recycling your water and waste.




Expert Tips


Expert Eco Tips


The best eco tips will enable you to make a personal effort towards saving the environment and making your own home environmentally friendly.


eco tips

  1. Some really great expert eco tips simply involve using items that would be thrown out and then sometimes recycled or added to landfill. For example, use sections of plastic bottles to protect newly planted seeds.


  2. When it comes to garden waste, there are loads of eco tips that will help you to make your own compost. These eco tips will help you to grow healthy plants.


  3. Other eco tips suggest you buy products that will decompose such as biodegradable coco planter liners. For instance, one of the best eco tips for home gardeners is to use peat or terra cotta pots for seedlings instead of plastic punnets.


    eco tips

  4. Popular eco tips include water conservation – which simply means don’t waste water. Reduce your lawn maintenance - don’t rake lawn clippings, don't over-water your lawn, and remember to shut off the garden hose completely.


  5. Additional eco tips include: keep up with weeding – weeds take water from other plants. Mix soil polymers or mulch into beds to retain moisture better.


  6. Another of those excellent eco tips relates to companion planting. Here you plant herbs next to plants to naturally repel certain pests, avoiding use of harmful chemicals.


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