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Eco FunEco Fun

If you’re committed to saving the environment – then why not have some eco fun in your own backyard?  Saving the environment activities might range from planting trees, growing your own vegetables and using biodegradable gardening products like coco-liners to recycling your water and waste.




Accessorize It


Green Products are Environmentally Friendly


When we talk about green products, we mean those that don’t harm the environment. If you use organic products (green products) and practice organic methods in your garden, you will find that your plants will thrive, and you will still be able to control pests and plant diseases.


green products

You can buy many green products for your home and garden - you can also make your own green products. Some of the best homemade green products are those that you can use to control insect pests. Purchasing green products made from natural materials, such as coco fibers, and that are biodegradable are also better options for the environment.


in addition, there are green products that will get rid of slugs and snails, snakes and even wasps and hornets.


green products

Other so-called green products are less obviously ‘green’, but they will attract some beautiful birds to your garden, as will bird baths and bird houses.  Use hanging baskets, floor planters, basket stands, and flower boxes to plant various flowers to attract these magnificent creatures. Think of these green products as garden accessories.


The more energy and green products you put into your yard – the more you will do your part in helping the environment.


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