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Backyard EntertainingBackyard Entertaining

If you plan your backyard thoughtfully, it can become a wonderful place for entertaining friends and family. Topping the list of backyard must-haves are barbeques. Relaxed seating and dining areas are also popular.




grilling out


Grilling Out FAQs


Q:  What is the simplest grilling out recipe?


A:  Probably hot dogs, but chicken and steak are also popular and most often require little time and effort.




Q:  How long should I marinade meat before grilling out?


A:  It depends on the meat and the marinade, but generally, the longer the better, and preferably overnight in the refrigerator.




Q:  I’d like to try grilling out but don’t have a barbeque?


A:  Fire pits or rings are a perfect alternative and make grilling out very convenient.



grilling out


Q:  What is a good dessert for grilling out?


A:  S’mores of course! Get the recipe here.





Q:  What tools are recommended when grilling out?


A:  Long metal forks with an easy-to-grip handle.





Q:  What’s the best fuel for grilling out?


A:  Wood, charcoal, or propane if your grill requires it.





Q:  Will oil burn if used when grilling out?


A:  Not if you lightly brush it on the grill before grilling out. It might flare up if you wait until the fire is already going.




Q:  Is there a “green” way to clean your grill after grilling out?


A:  When cool, scrape off excess food left behind, and scrub gently with a little olive oil.




Q:  What’s the best way to start a fire for grilling out?


A:  Place sand on the bottom so it won’t burn through your fire pit. Use newspaper or seasoned wood to begin the fire. Add wood as the fire continues to burn.



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