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Backyard CampingBackyard Camping

If you’ve got kids, there’s nothing better than family camping in the privacy of your own backyard. Family camping is safe, inexpensive, convenient, and can be loads of fun.


You might also consider family camping for a unique birthday party - invite your friends to join in the fun too.







Backyard Camping FAQs


fire safety for kids

Q:  What are some fire safety tips for kids?


A:  There are many things to consider when trying to keep kids safe around fires when you are camping. Here are some to keep in mind:


1.    Fire safety for kids should always include a well-planned escape route and meeting place.

2.    Fire safety for kids involves having a fire extinguisher and gloves on hand when adults use fire pits

3.    Don’t allow children too close to the fire pit and never leave it unattended – another fire safety for kids tip for adults to keep in mind.

4.    Fire safety for kids when using a fire pit is for adults to remember not to place the pit in an enclosed area or around hangingfire safety for kids branches or unsteady surfaces.

5.    Adults - start your fire pit fire small and never with gasoline – a very important fire safety for kids tip.

6.    Fire safety for kids tips includes – adults should never use a fire pit when it’s windy. Also keep a screen nearby if the sparks get out of control.

7.    Adults - make sure to extinguish your fire pit fire completely before walking away – the most important fire safety for kids tips.


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