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Backyard CampingBackyard Camping

If you’ve got kids, there’s nothing better than family camping in the privacy of your own backyard. Family camping is safe, inexpensive, convenient, and can be loads of fun.


You might also consider family camping for a unique birthday party - invite your friends to join in the fun too.





Accessorize It


A Fire Pit Can Be Useful and Decorative


While many people choose to include a permanent fire pit or barbecue structure in their backyards, you can also choose a fire pitportable fire pit or campfire ring that will be both useful and decorative.


Fire pit styles vary. If you’ve never thought of purchasing one, you may be surprised to discover how many types there are.


First of all, you will find fire pit designs shaped like tubs or bowls, that hold the burning wood. Others look more like an outdoor fireplace. There are also some stunning fire pit rings that feature moons and stars, or moose or horse silhouettes. You can also choose the fire pit material - cast iron, steel or copper are just a few.


Some have mesh lids that will help keep some of the sparks from flying out, and some even come with matching seating.


fire pit

A fire pit is more than just a commodity for making a fire and grilling outdoors. A fire pit is a backyard accessory that adds interest and character to the outdoor area; in fact a decorative fire pit is one of the best investments you can make to ensure you have all year backyard family fun.


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