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Backyard CampingBackyard Camping

If you’ve got kids, there’s nothing better than family camping in the privacy of your own backyard. Family camping is safe, inexpensive, convenient, and can be loads of fun. You might also consider family camping for a unique birthday party - invite your friends to join in the fun too.






Use Your Backyard for Family Camping

family camping


Family camping can be one of the best ways for families to bond while having fun in the backyard. Pitch a tent, light a fire in a fire pit or campfire ring, and enjoy some treats under the stars before bed.


Young children love family camping in the backyard because they feel secure knowing that if they get scared of the dark, their bedroom isn’t far away, and mom and dad are close-by.


family camping

So what do you need for family camping?  While you don’t have to have a tent, family camping is more fun if you do, and a lot more comfortable. Blankets, pillows, and a telescope are also items you may want to think about before family camping.


A campfire is an absolute must for family camping fun. Portable fire pits or bowls are perfect for a long-lasting fire while family camping, and can be used anywhere in the backyard for family camping – as long as it’s a safe spot.


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