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Growing HerbsGrowing Herbs

Whether you have an indoor herb garden, or have grown one in a container on the patio or in a lavish herb garden, growing herbs is a pastime that brings great pleasure and satisfaction. An indoor herb garden in particular can provide you with a constant in-home source of popular herbs for color, cooking and aroma.



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What to Plant in an Indoor Herb Garden


What you decide to plant in an indoor herb garden will depend largely on the layout of your home, and where you position containers. Window boxes are great for an indoor herb garden because they fit nicely on a window sill and get plenty of natural light.

indoor herb garden


Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, basil and oregano are perfect herbs to use in an indoor herb garden.  An indoor herb garden might also include chervil, chives, marjoram and mint.


The soil in an indoor herb garden will need to be checked regularly for moisture, and watered when necessary. A well-planned indoor herb garden will thrive in any typical room temperature, but remember to check the herb packaging for guidelines and care before setting up and indoor herb garden.


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The Best Time for Herb Gardens


Spring is the best time to start an herb garden, particularly if you are planting outdoors, from seed or from cuttings. However herb gardens can be planted whenever seedlings or starter plants are available from nurseries or other retailers. Herb gardens are also versatile enough to be planted in the garden or in containers indoors.


herb gardensWhen you plant herb gardens on the patio or indoors, in planters or flower boxes, you have some control of water and even light. What this means is that you can establish indoor herb gardens just about any time of the year. Having said this, always check seed packets or plant labels to see the best time for planting specific herbs.


Wherever herb gardens are established – indoors or outdoors – it is also possible to ensure that herbs can be harvested all year round. One of the beauties of in-home herb gardening is that you can utilize the leaves of most culinary herbs throughout their growing season. This means that you can even harvest the leaves of annual herbs for most of the year.


Some herbs are grown for their roots or seeds, but generally these herbs should be grown in outdoor herb gardens.


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A Guide to Growing Herbs


growing herbsIf you’ve never been introduced to the world of growing herbs, you may be amazed to discover that most herbs are tougher and a lot more resistant than other garden and house plants.


Surprisingly, herbs grown in poor soil will survive with little attention, because many are untamed wild plants in their native habitat.


The challenge of growing herbs is to get the most out of them. So before you start growing herbs, decide what you want out of them – flavoring for food, to keep pests away, or for pleasant aromas to fill the home.


Growing HerbsGrowing herbs isn’t difficult, even for the amateur gardener. When growing herbs, you can start with seed or small plants, in the ground, or indoors in containers such as flower boxes. Taking cuttings is another good way to start growing herbs. You will learn when you start growing herbs, that cuttings are best taken in late spring and summer.


Cuttings are pieces of the herb that you use to begin growing another plant. For your cuttings to be successful when growing herbs, cut just below the node (part of the plant where the stem grows out of) so you have a 3-5” cut.


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Expert Tips about Growing Herbs Indoors
  1. Herbs make excellent potted plants, which is an advantage when growing herbs indoors.


  2. When growing herbs indoors, make sure you choose pots that have sufficient space for the mass of roots the plants will produce.


    growing herbs indoors

  3. Containers for growing herbs indoors should match the height and shape of the plants to be grown. Also, when growing herbs indoors remember to use a plastic saucer to protect surface areas where you place herb containers.


  4. Don’t overlook hanging baskets when growing herbs indoors. Mix creeping and cascading herbs for effect.


  5. Use plant labels for growing herbs indoors to properly identify what you’re growing.


  6. Good soil and regular watering are essential when growing herbs indoors.


    growing herbs indoors

  7. Always use a top quality potting mix – not garden soil – when growing herbs indoors.


  8. Don’t forget about drainage when growing herbs indoors. Put gravel or stones at the base of the pot and place it on a saucer or tray, and make sure there are drainage holes in the pot.


  9. When growing herbs indoors always remember that the plants need a well-lit, bright position, but not direct sunlight, especially through glass.


  10. You can grow different herbs together, but when growing herbs indoors, in containers, be careful of those with invasive root systems, like mint or lemon balm.

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