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Recipes to Make Using Your Own Home-Grown Vegetables

Take your backyard garden and turn it into the freshest ingredients for your favorite recipes. Check out our list of dishes and treats that originated from our gardens and ended up in our bellies.


planting for Brussels sprouts

Planting For Brussels Sprouts

Plant Brussels sprouts in early spring, or mid-late summer for a fall maturing crop. Plant them in a spot with six hours of sunlight…more

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planting for ketchup

Planting For Ketchup

Tomatoes and onions are two of the main ingredients when making ketchup and you can make your recipe your own with sugar and spices…more

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plant a pesto garden

Plant A Pesto Garden!

For a twist on your favorite pesto recipe, add a little twist with parmesan cheese, avocado or cilantro and pumpkin seeds…more

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plant a spaghetti garden

Plant A Spaghetti Garden

Experiment with your spaghetti sauce recipe by adding different herbs and spices to get a sauce that is uniquely yours!…more

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planting for tomato caprese

Planting For Tomato Caprese

Roma tomatoes have a maturity time of 75 - 80 days and are one of the main ingredients along with basil, olive oil and cheese for a spectacular tomato caprese….more

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planting for sweet potato pie

Planting For Sweet Potato Pie

Pecans added to the crust mixture of a sweet potato pie creates a crunchy, sweet texture while coconut mixed with the sweet potatoes adds a tropical twist….more

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Planting for rose honey cocktail

Planting For Rose Honey Cocktail

If you love rose honey cocktails, find a simple recipe, top it off with a sprig of lemon zest and sit back and enjoy responsibly!…more

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