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Throw A Labor Day Weekend Bash





The unofficial end of summer is Labor Day weekend. We encourage you to bid summer adieu with an awesome Labor Day celebration and enjoy your outdoor entertaining area with friends and family. With the proper games, recipes, and elements you’ll have a blast!


Prepping Your Outdoor Space

Labor Day Table


Your deck can serve as various functions for your party. You may want to use it to station the food for people to eat, possibly have tables and chairs for people to sit, or place games there for people to choose from. Regardless of the purpose it serves, your deck should be decorated to invite guests outdoors and to feel comfortable.



Create an eye-catching border to your deck using flower arrangements on the railing. Container gardens placed here will create a textured and colorful edge to your deck that adds life and visual elements to an otherwise boring and harsh edge. Adjustable deck railing planters allow this as well as provide additional privacy to your deck area.


Make sure your deck is free of splinters or knots so that party-goers who prefer to be barefoot (mostly children) don’t end up with hurt feet. If you realize last minute that your deck is in less than ideal shape you can place a rug on the area to avoid causing injury. Outdoor rugs are made to withstand elements like fading and rain, but for a temporary fix you are able to use an indoor rug, too.


Girl with flags

Guests will enjoy spending time in your yard, too. Whether you set up tables and chairs here for eating, or blankets are sprawled out to relax, your yard is an excellent place for socializing and playing games. Grassy patches that have been worn out or damaged can be fixed using a grass patch remedy like Safer® Brand Magic Start® Grass Patch Transition.This will quickly fill in balding lawn spots and smooth out your lawn’s surface.


Showcase your flower gardens by giving them a little TLC. Deadhead flowers that have old blooms on them and trim leaves that may be wilted or browning. Taking time to clean up the flowerbeds and pick up debris makes a huge difference, too.


Give your flowers some extra love by faithfully watering them and fertilizing them in the few weeks leading up to your Labor Day party. The extra attention will show and flowers will be fuller and healthier appearing for your guests.


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Getting Your Outdoor Space Bug-Free

Although spending time outdoors is an awesome way to spend your Labor Day it does come with some annoyances including bugs! Mosquitoes are common pests that can be problematic. Besides biting unsuspecting party guests, mosquitoes also carry diseases that can be hazardous to your health.


Serious diseases including dengue fever, malaria, and west nile virus are all carried by mosquitoes and can be life threatening. Keeping your backyard free of these insects is easier than you may think. An inexpensive option for repelling mosquitoes includes using candles or tiki torches that include citronella. Citronella’s scent repels mosquitoes. You may also choose to spray your lawn and garden area using a natural repellent. Products like Safer® Brand Mosquito and Tick Killer can be sprayed on your lawn to keep mosquitoes at bay.


A highly effective option to consider is investing in a mosquito trap. Mosquito traps are a long-term solution that reduces the mosquito population in your yard using attractants to lure mosquitoes into the trap. Mosquitoes are then collected in a net area where they die from dehydration and are not able to reproduce or cause harm to humans. The Mosquito Magnet® is an effective and powerful mosquito trap that keeps your backyard mosquito free.


What Do You Need To Throw An Outdoor Party

Kids celebrateing

Having the right accessories for your party can make all the difference when it comes to people having a good time. Kids are entertained much differently than adults, and vice versa. Taking some time to consider how people will spend their time at your gathering is a great way to ensure everyone has fun!


Children love running around and expending energy. Providing squirt guns and water balloons always creates a fun activity for kids, but be sure they know the rules first. If you have the space to host a yard game like Baggo or Washers, you can give children an area where they will play and have fun while allowing adults to have their own area.


Consider setting up a station where kids can paint their own birdhouse or rocks to take home. A handful of paint colors, some water cups, and paintbrushes in addition to plain wooden birdhouses can keep kids busy and help them exercise their artsy side!


When stocking up for your party remember the essentials:

  • Plates, napkins, cutlery
  • Glasses, straws, ice
  • Bug spray, hand sanitizer and sunscreen

We suggest shopping for these items at a bulk or discount store so that you don’t overspend on items that can be found in large quantities or at low cost if purchased in the right place.


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Top Recipes For Your Outside Party

When it comes to throwing a Labor Day bash and being able to enjoy it, you should plan out your food menu in advance. Keep in mind that dishes that can be made in advance will allow you to enjoy your party with your guests rather than spending most of the time in the kitchen. Determine what you will be serving your guests and hit the grocery store with a complete list of needed ingredients.


Our favorite outdoor party foods include:


Add a twist to the typical hotdog and hamburger offering by providing a spread of different mustards and ketchups for your guests to dress their food with. Relishes, cheeses, and toppings will all help put a twist on your servings.


Games For Your Outdoor Party


There are tons of outside games that both kids and adults will love to play. Consider having the following at your Labor Day bash:

  • Baggo – a backyard bean bag toss
  • Lifesize Jenga – an oversized version of a childhood favorite
  • Hoola Hoops – invite kids to hoola hoop with colorful and inexpensive hoops
  • Lawn Darts – a safe and fun game using lawn darts and a target
  • Pinata – this fan favorite stocked with candy will keep kids happy
  • Potato Sack Races – entertaining and fun, this game is great for adults and kids


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Fire Pits & Safety

A backyard bash is a great time to enjoy your fire pit. The smells, sounds, and sight of a fire pit add a very cool and earthy element to your Labor Day party. Fire pits are easy to assemble, easy to operate, and are portable. If you’re looking for an option to help contain a ground based fire you may want to consider a campfire ring.


Fire Extinguisher

Using a fire pit is safe if you follow the correct precautions. Keep a source of water, a filled bucket or working hose, or a fire extinguisher nearby in the event that you need to quickly put out the fire. Keep the fire pit covered with a mesh wire screen to keep sparks from flying due to cracking wood. Benches should be kept at a distance where users can comfortably sit without being too hot or too close.


Fire pits should not be placed on flammable surfaces. When building the fire start small and then add wood if needed or desired. Make sure whoever is lighting your fire has experience doing so, otherwise they may cause flames to flare and become injured. Make sure any fire starter fluid is put away after it is used to avoid a dangerous situation with flammable solutions.


Fire pits are a wonderful source of heat to cook or create s’mores. S’mores forks give fire pit lovers an easy way to roast marshmallows without getting too close to flames. S’mores forks are also the perfect tool for cooking hotdogs over an open flame.


What Are Your Waiting For?

With the right food, games, and atmosphere you’ll be celebrating the unofficial end of summer in style. Friends and families will rave about the memories they made while spending time in your backyard and enjoying your outdoor entertaining space. So, get out the invitations and start planning – you’re going to have the best time!


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