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Popularity of Fire Pits




What’s the hottest topic these days in outdoor living, decorating and entertaining? The answer is one as old as humankind… fire. The ability to control fire marked a dramatic change in the habits of early humans. These days, fire pits are a popular addition to backyards and patios as a cozy gathering spot during outdoor time with friends and family or to add drama and charm to twilight and evening hours.
Fire Pit
The addition of a backyard fire pit can be a great enhancement to your outdoor decor. Home owners across the country have added a fire pit as a garden feature, as a centerpiece for evening entertaining, or for cooking. It’s a great way to extend your enjoyment of your backyard or patio when temperatures fall in the evenings or during cooler seasons when you normally stay indoors.

You can dig your own fire pit as our ancestors did, of course. But if you want to add some style to your backyard as well, consider a free-standing, “portable” fire pit.  The key to this style of fire pit is that it displays the fire in a decorative receptacle on legs or a pedestal. These can be situated on a patio or in the yard and can actually be relocated from year to year. Most homeowners have found these freestanding fire pits far easier to maintain.

It’s likely that you’ll find one that matches your style of outdoor decor.  There are many different looks available from rustic, to classic, to contemporary in pierced, mesh and open designs or closed bowls and tubs in cast iron, steel and copper, plus coffee table shapes with meshwork and mosaic tops and rims.  Plus many come with options and accessories such as safety screens, covers for inclement weather and complementary benches and seats.

Don’t make your choice lightly. In addition to style, look for high quality durable materials that will stand up to heat and the elements. Compare and contrast the available products. Make an informed choice and your fire pit can provide easy care, safe use to last a lifetime.

These days you could say that the outdoor-living trend is catching fire, from open air entertaining, to family and leisure time, to stay-cations. With the addition of a fire pit you can transform the lowly campfire… and your back yard…into a vacation-like retreat that you’ll enjoy virtually every day.


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