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FAQs Backyard Family Fun

FAQs - Backyard Family Fun

Have questions? We have compiled a library of frequently asked questions and their respective answers



Backyard Camping

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Backyard Entertaining

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Eco Fun






Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions


Backyard Camping FAQs

Q:   What are some fire safety tips for kids?


A:  There are many things to consider when keeping kids safe around fires when you are camping.  Here are some to keep in mind:


1.    Fire safety for kids should always include a well-planned escape route and meeting place.

2.    Fire safety for kids involves having a fire extinguisher and gloves on hand when adults use fire pits

3.    Don’t allow children too close to the fire pit and never leave it unattended – another fire safety for kids tip for adults to keep in mind.

4.    Fire safety for kids when using a fire pit is for adults to remember not to place the pit in an enclosed area or around hanging branches or unsteady surfaces.

5.    Adults - start your fire pit fire small and never with gasoline – a very important fire safety for kids tip.

6.    Fire safety for kids tips include – adults should never use a fire pit when it’s windy. Also keep a screen nearby if the sparks get out of control.

7.    Adults - make sure to extinguish your fire pit fire completely before walking away – the most important fire safety for kids tip.



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Backyard Entertaining - FAQs about Grilling Out

Q:   What is the simplest grilling out recipe?


A:  Probably hot dogs, but chicken and steak are also popular and most often require little time and effort.


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Q:   How long should I marinade meat before grilling out?


A:  It depends on the meat and the marinade, but generally, the longer the better, and preferably overnight in the refrigerator.


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Q:    What is a good dessert for grilling out?


A:  S’mores of course! Get the recipe here.


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Q:    I’d like to try grilling out but don’t have a barbeque?

A:  Fire pits or rings are a perfect alternative and make grilling out very convenient.


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Q:   What tools are recommended when grilling out?

A:  Long metal forks with an easy-to-grip handle.



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Q:    What’s the best fuel for grilling out?

A:  Wood, charcoal, or propane if your grill requires it.


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Q:    Will oil burn if used when grilling out?

A:  Not if you lightly brush it on the grill before grilling out. It might flare up if you wait until the fire is already going.


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Q:    Is there a “green” way to clean your grill after grilling out?

A:  When cool, scrape off excess food left behind, and scrub gently with a little olive oil.


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Q:    What’s the best way to start a fire for grilling out?

A:  Place sand on the bottom so it won’t burn through your fire pit. Use newspaper or seasoned wood to begin the fire. Add wood as the fire continues to burn.


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Eco-Fun - Environmentally Friendly FAQs


Q:    How can we make sure our gardens are environmentally friendly?


A:  The best way is to plant indigenous species and not to use unnecessary pesticides or herbicides – utilize fence borders as well to keep out pests.


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Q:    How can I have an environmentally friendly garden that attracts birds
       and other creatures?


A:  Invest in some good quality bird feeders and accessories.


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Q:   Is there really such a thing as environmentally friendly planters?


A:  Yes, especially ones lined with biodegradable coco.


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Q:   I’m starting a vegetable garden to become more environmentally
     friendly – what plants should I begin with?


A:  Tomato plants are easy to grow – just make sure you have a solid staking system in place. Bamboo stakes used for vine-type plants are also environmentally friendly.


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Q:   What environmentally friendly plant accessories are available?


A:   Cork is biodegradable and comes from the bark of the evergreen oak tree – use cork mats under potted plants to prevent water damage to surfaces.


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Q:   I’m sick and tired of the deer that come into my garden but want
     to be environmentally friendly. Have you got any ideas?


A:   There’s a great electronic deer repellant on the market that renders a harmless shock.


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Q:   Are there environmentally friendly solar powered electric fences?


A:   Indeed there are. Have a look at the Havahart® electric fence kit.


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Q:   Moles are a big problem. How can I be environmentally friendly
     towards these critters?


A:   There are quite a few environmentally friendly mole repellents you can try.


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