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Backyard EntertainingBackyard Entertaining

If you plan your backyard thoughtfully, it can become a wonderful place for entertaining friends and family. Topping the list of backyard must-haves are barbeques. Relaxed seating and dining areas are also popular.




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Backyard Barbeques for Year-Round Fun


Barbeques come in a variety of styles – fire pits, bowls, rings, and tubs are just a few. Barbeques provide one of the most fun and creativebarbeques means of entertaining. Backyard barbeques in particular will create an instant ambiance whether the occasion is planned or spontaneous.


Situate comfortable seating around your fire pit and serve cocktails, make s’mores, or roast foods on long forks for a casual dinner.


The best place for barbeques is in the open where there are no hazardous obstacles interfering. Barbeques also work well on patios and alongside wooden decks. Choose a fire pit style that matches your outdoor area or plan your backyard style around the look of your barbeque.


The beauty of portable barbeques, including fire pits, bowls, rings and tubs, is that these barbeques can be moved depending on the time of year and weather.


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Incorporate a Fire Ring in your Backyard


Inexpensive and beautifully decorative, a metal fire ring is perfect for backyard get-togethers.  It is best to position your fire ring on loose paving blocks or stones in an open area. Alternatively you could use sand as well to create a base for your fire ring.


If you’ve never considered using a fire ring for barbeques, have

fire ring

a look at some of the gorgeous fire ring designs available today. For example, you can get a fire ring that features a pattern of moons and stars. If you admire horses, you will love the fire ring design that features silhouettes of galloping horses. If you’re a big outdoor fan, the fire ring that features silhouettes of moose and pine trees is perfect for you.


If a fire ring isn’t your style, consider a fire pit, fire bowl, or a hammered copper and black iron fire tub – either one will make your backyard barbeque really special.


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Expert Tips on How to Make S’mores


how to make smores

The original recipe on how to make s’mores appeared in the American Girl Scout Handbook in 1927. This recipe utilized Graham crackers – first invented by Sylvester Graham way back in 1829, before anyone knew how to make s’mores – plus chocolate and marshmallows.


If you ask anyone today how to make s’mores you might get the original recipe that tells you how to make s’mores, or you might be told how to make s’mores a completely different way.


Here are some tips on how to make s’mores the traditional way:

  1. Use Graham crackers which are more like cookies than crackers.


  2. Get the crackers and chocolate ready before you toast the marshmallows. You can ‘roast’ them over a stove burner or use long metal forks for roasting over an outdoor fire pit or grill.

    how to make smores


  3. Marshmallows are ready when slightly brown outside and runny inside.


  4. Sandwich chocolate with a toasted marshmallow between a halved cracker and squeeze together gently.


If you want to know how to make s’mores the Mexican way, use flour tortillas with crunchy peanut butter, chocolate chips and marshmallow. If you want to know how to make s’mores that are cold, spread peanut butter and instant chocolate pudding on Graham crackers and add whipped topping instead of marshmallows.


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Safety Tips


Fire pits offer a fun way to enjoy leisure time and entertaining, but always remember to exercise caution and practice safety.


Here are a few important tips to keep in mind...

  • Place the fire pit in an open area on a solid surface, but never on a wooden deck, grass, or any other flammable surface.

Fire Safety

  • Never place a fire pit in an enclosed area or indoors. 
  • Know your city or county’s regulations regarding the use of a fire pit.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher, a garden hose or large bucket of sand nearby to smother the fire if necessary. Your fire extinguisher should be handy, in good working condition, and not close to its expiration date.
  • Use common sense and exercise courtesy as well as caution. Don't build a fire on a windy day. You don’t want smoke blowing into neighbor’s homes and backyards.
  • Start your fire small. Use recommended fire starters. Never use an accelerant or gasoline to start a fire. Suggested burning materials include wood, fire logs, and charcoal.
  • Do not allow children or someone with little experience to light the fire.
  • Never leave the fire unattended. Fire pits are HOT when in use and should be adult-supervised at all times. Extreme caution should be exercised when children are nearby.
  • As a precaution, the fire should be no larger than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet high. Don’t pile wood too high.
  • Use the wire mesh cover when the fire is lit to control flying sparks.
  • The screen handle is HOT when in use.
  • Use a heat proof barbeque mitt or poker tool to grasp the handle.
  • It is best to extinguish the fire completely once you have finished using it. Use a fire extinguisher, or enough water to douse the fire.


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Grilling Out FAQs

grilling out


Q:  What is the simplest grilling out recipe?


A:  Probably hot dogs, but chicken and steak are also popular and most often require little time and effort.




Q:  How long should I marinade meat before grilling out?


A:  It depends on the meat and the marinade, but generally, the longer the better, and preferably overnight in the refrigerator.




Q:  I’d like to try grilling out but don’t have a barbeque?


A:  Fire pits or rings are a perfect alternative and make grilling out very convenient.



grilling dessert


Q:  What is a good dessert for grilling out?


A:  S’mores of course! Get the recipe here.





Q:  What tools are recommended when grilling out?


A:  Long metal forks with an easy-to-grip handle.





Q:  What’s the best fuel for grilling out?


A:  Wood, charcoal, or propane if your grill requires it.





Q:  Will oil burn if used when grilling out?


A:  Not if you lightly brush it on the grill before grilling out. It might flare up if you wait until the fire is already going.




Q:  Is there a “green” way to clean your grill after grilling out?


A:  When cool, scrape off excess food left behind, and scrub gently with a little olive oil.




Q:  What’s the best way to start a fire for grilling out?


A:  Place sand on the bottom so it won’t burn through your fire pit. Use newspaper or seasoned wood to begin the fire. Add wood as the fire continues to burn.


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