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8 Ways To Share Your Garden



When you’ve worked hard to create a beautiful, thriving garden, naturally, you’ll want others to experience its magnificence.
women with flowers
Even if your property doesn’t quite have the same effect as the breath taking Gardens of Versailles, you can still bring the joy of gardening to others around you. Here are some great ways to share your garden and gardening fun with friends, family, and the community.

1) Did you know there are over 33 million people (including 13 million children) who, most times, cannot afford food for their household! Plant an extra row of veggies for folks you know who could benefit from it, or contact your local food bank.

2) Share your gardening hobby with your child or grandchild. Search out local, upcoming yard sales or flea markets in your area and hunt for items to start a child’s gardening ‘kit.’ Make sure to purchase sturdy tools – kids can be hard on tools.

3) Research a specific ethnic group and learn about their native cuisine. Take what you find and plant some food items from your list. Show off your cooking skills by serving up the dishes in the kitchen!

4) Offer to help someone in your neighborhood with their gardening this year. Moms with young children, older folks, or those that are immobile will really appreciate your generosity and so will their gardens.

5) Have an abundance of tomatoes or other fast producing garden items? Share with your co-workers. Take some into your work and have a group lunch or let them take home some to share with their families.

6) Go to your local farmers market! This is a fun, entertaining, and low-cost weekend or weekday activity for yourself or for your whole family. Experience the local foods and get familiar with the farmers in the area. Have a snack… Most offer samples of their bounty.

7) Buy mulch in bulk with your neighbors and save a few bucks. Have a mulching party and spend the day mulching together. Each person could provide a tasty treat or drink to enjoy during and afterwards for a job well done.

8) Celebrate the greenest days of the year, with garden parties for Arbor Day, Earth Day, National Gardening Month, and any other observance that piques your interest. Serve up veggie snacks from your garden and set up an outdoor picture “booth” in front of your prized rose bushes.

Have fun and happy gardening!


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