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Tips On The Best Plants For Privacy




Plants can be the perfect solution if you want to bring a little privacy to your backyard deck or patio.

Assuming you don’t have a major problem that requires fencing or the long term planting of hedges and screening plants such as evergreen, cypress and arboretum, some strategic planning and gardening may be all you require.
Plants and privacy
You probably don’t want your deck or patio enclosed on all sides. Perhaps you only want to create a secluded place to relax, or to block out an unwanted object on the perimeter. The main idea is to use plants to create some screening between you and the rest of the world. Adding height, creating corners and using blocking elements can help you achieve that goal.

Consider placing several floor container planters together to create a private spot in a corner of the patio or deck. Add some floor planters and plant stands in varying heights around the perimeter. Factor in hanging baskets planted with cascading foliage and trailing plants.

If you have a deck or a balcony, add height with corner planters and introduce trailing foliage in railing and horse trough planters around the perimeter. Again, bring in hanging planters to shield the view.

An ideal option is the modular vertical planting systems now available that utilize stacking planter boxes for flowers and foliage. These versatile modular units come in varying heights and widths and can be configured to create screens of living plants to add privacy to decks, patios and even to apartment and condo balconies.
Plants and Privacy - Shaded Garden Retreat
If you have a patio, one overlooked design element you should consider is the use of stake planters (sometimes called estate planters) placed around the patio at uniform or varying heights. These can help to screen for privacy while creating a unique and especially eye-catching effect.

Architectural landscape arbors, trellises and obelisks don’t need walls for support and can be planted with vining flowers or climbing plants as outdoor room dividers helping you to create a secluded retreat. Plant shrubs and flowers at the base to extend screening space from side-to-side. Well-anchored, sturdy metal stand-alone trellises, arbors and obelisks are recommended to support the weight of the plants.

You can create your own personal oasis or add privacy to your outdoor space with plants. All it requires is a little planning and some imagination.


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