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Patio Design




If you’re lucky enough to have one, then you know a patio is a wonderful place to entertain family and friends, or to just relax and enjoy the outdoors. To get the most from your patio space, there are many elements that you could use. But perhaps the best way to instantly introduce color and eye appeal…and a personal touch…to your patio is with flowers and plants.
Terra Cotta Container Planting on Patio
Container Planting
The most obvious way to enhance your patio is with potted plantings that bring color and style to your space, not only through the flowers and plants, but through the containers themselves. These days, open design planters that use the natural complement of coco liners are a stylish way to enjoy and display your plants and flowers to glorious effect. The many designs, shapes, sizes and styles available can add versatility to your design by allowing you to combine floor planters with plant stands of varying heights and shapes. You’ll want to combine plantings of low, medium and taller plantings for a dramatic look.

Introducing Height to Your Design
Hanging baskets are a great way to add plantings to your patio design while keeping the floor space open for living. Suspend your flowers and plants in baskets hung from overhead structures, or on hooks and brackets on the walls adjacent to your patio. By using coco-liners you can even suspend plants upside down for a unique display. One overlooked design element you should consider is the use of stake planters (sometimes called estate planters) placed around the patio at uniform or varying heights for an especially eye-catching effect.

Plant around your patioPlant Around Your Patio
Planting around the perimeter of your patio can add beauty and fragrance, provide privacy and introduce a feeling of intimacy. Install a trellis around the outer edge of your patio garden. Introduce an arbor as a gateway between your garden and yard. Add a strategically-placed obelisk in a corner. Planted with climbing flowers, such as clematis, or vines, such as ivy, these architectural elements add drama and visual interest.

Create Your Own Garden of Eden
To create a full, lush appearance when planting containers, mix foliage plants with flowering plants and space the plants close to one another for a strikingly abundant effect. Then combine the tips mentioned above to create your very own Garden of Eden. By using flowers and plants you can immediately transform your patio, adding color, life, beauty and your unique touch to your outdoor living experience.


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