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Outdoor Décor Ideas - Deck Decorating




Decorating with outdoor plants is a great way to create visual interest and add a personal, stylish touch to your deck. Incorporating living elements is an easy way to bring color and texture to any outdoor design. The variety of shapes and the range of color available in outdoor plants make your deck design choices unlimited.
Deck decorating - balcony gardening
Container planters, available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes, offer you the most design versatility. Choose containers that will reflect your own sense of style and design and complement your home and outdoor space.

If you’re decorating a deck you’re in luck. There are many products, like coco-lined planters, specifically made to adorn the rails that surround your deck from fitted rail planters to hanging horse trough styles and baskets made specifically to fit corners and posts.

When considering your design plan, create visual interest by varying the heights of your greenery. You can mix floor planters with plant stands in an assortment of heights and styles. Add hanging plant varieties like spider plants and ferns alternating with flowering varieties to add color and contrast. Plants can even be suspended upside down for a unique and eye-pleasing display by using coco-lined planters. Potted trees such as the ficus and palm also are great for adding height and drama to the space.Deck decorating - Lush green deck

Choose greenery that will complement the overall appearance of your home. For stunning display results, mix foliage plants with flowering plants and space the plants close to one another to create a full, lush appearance. Don’t be afraid to really pack them in there. You’ll achieve a much grander effect.

Add to your outdoor entertaining, fun, and leisure by showing your style and making your deck a showcase for a stunning display of ornamental foliage and flowers.


Simple and easy outdoor decorating tips.

Expand your home’s living and entertaining space by using your deck or patio during warmer weather months. Just as your living room and kitchen are decorated to reflect your style, your outdoor living areas should do the same. There are a handful of elements to consider when decorating your deck and making it inviting to friends and family.Deck Decorating

Adding color to your deck is easy with the use of flowers and plants. It is suggested to choose a color theme or palette and work around it, or if you’d rather use a variety of plants and flowers stick to a collection of plant holders, deck planters, and hardscaping accents. For instance, if you wanted to use a wide range of flower color you should stick to using only one type of planter finish or a certain collection of planters. This creates organization among the variety and will help you pull the entire look together.

Once you have decided on which planters or flowers you’d like to work with, consider the areas on your deck to place them. Whether you group planters together to create visual appeal, or you line your deck railing with planters to allow for a level of privacy, you should look at the deck as a whole before you begin.

As an extension of your home’s living area, you want to make sure your deck is inviting and comfortable by creating sitting areas where people can gather and share conversation. A dining area is a great idea, too, as you can have barbeques throughout the summer, or enjoy breakfast outside. Adding room for a wet bar is conventional if you plan to entertain often. This is beneficial as it will keep guests from heading inside to refill drinks, and it will create space to store bottles, mixers, ice, cups, etc.

Stock your deck with summer essentials: mosquito spray, citronella candles, tiki torches, and activities for kids. These items will make your patio the go-to entertainment spot and will encouragHose Holder and Horse Troughe guests to relax and enjoy the space you created.

With all the entertaining you’ll be doing, make sure you create an area for yourself to relax. Consider investing in a comfortable lounge chair where you can spend time reading and relaxing when not entertaining! Using these tips and incorporating your personal style will create a space that can be used all summer long, into the fall! Share pictures of your outdoor space with our Facebook community!

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