Iron Stop® wind ornaments make the perfect decorative accents for any outdoor or indoor space. They also make great gifts! View our vast collection of wind spinners, crystal twisters, and wind chimes - you won’t be disappointed!

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Iron Stop® nature and wild life themed wind spinners come in many shapes and sizes! From butterflies, hummingbirds, and cardinals, to our Mossy Oak® collection - you’ll find what you need. 
Give your friend or loved-one the most unique gift from Iron Stop®! View our collection of gift ideas, including Wind spinners, crystal twisters, and accessories.

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Show your alma mater spirit - Iron Stop® collegiate wind spinners and crystal twisters are now available!
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Be sure to get a motor to use your Iron Stop® wind spinner indoors - wind free! Spiral tails, wind chimes and more are also available to help ‘spice’ up your wind spinner.

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Wind Spinners & Twisters

Iron Stop® Wind Spinners are a great way to express your style. Our vast collection of spinners, wind chimes, and crystal twisters will add a touch of elegance, color and personality to your yard. We also have motors so that you can express your decorative style indoors, without wind!

Get great tips and information about decorating and our quality products by watching the videos below. Be sure to check out all of our videos here.
Iron Stop® Wind Spinners

Iron Stop® Wind Spinners and Twisters make a great addition to your yard. These metal pieces of art are durable and unique - bring your style to your yard today!