Avant Garden Décor has all the gardening solutions so you can spend less time worrying about your garden, and more time enjoying it.

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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® garden helpers are a must have for any type of outdoor garden…

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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® offers innovative plant staking solutions that are flexible enough to fit and grow with any vine-type plants, and are sturdy enough to last for multiple gardening seasons.

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View our selection of complete vegetable gardening kits featuring Safer® Brand organic plant care solutions and Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® gardening supplies to make vegetable gardening easy.

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Our selection of Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® plant caddies, saucers, and mats are the perfect accessories for any potted plant - indoors or out.

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Traditional Gardener

Gardening is not just about providing your family and friends with fresh fruits and vegetables, or having the prettiest roses on the block, it’s a lifestyle that provides a lifetime of love and rewards. At Avant Garden Décor, we share your love of gardening, and have products to help gardeners of all types and skill succeed at this rewarding pastime. From stakes and saucers to organic fertilizers and pest control, the selection of Safer® Brand and Gardener's Blue Ribbon® Products will make gardening that much easier.